10 Replies to “is it now the best oppurtunity to invest in shares for sensex will surely rise one day????????Please suggest!!?”

  1. I believe that now is perhaps the best opportunity that we might see in our lifetime. It would be a mistake to let it slip by without taking advantage.

  2. this is the right time to enter the stock market…. since the sensex is at bottom… you can make profit if you invest it for long…. even you can go for short because the valuation of the stocks is at low… the stocks is at life time lows. so surely you can go for it… consulting the portfolio manager will be better… good luck…

  3. you can invest right now but invest that money which you probably don’t want for 1 or 2 years …….i mean to say your excess amount of money which you don’t require in near future
    be careful and try to be a smart investor
    good luck

  4. Yes Definitely Rajdip. This is the best time to invest. But remember some things..

    1. Do Not Invest the money that you need for your day to day usage in the share market.
    2. Do Not Invest if you are expecting short term gains. You may not make huge profits if the timespan is 3 months or lesser. Because the economic crisis is looming large and there is no guarantee that the market would go up for sure in the next 3 months
    3. Definitely Invest, if you are expecting long term gains. If you are willing to park your money for atleast 1 year. The economic reform measures taken by the various governments over the world will have some fruitful effects in 1 year or so…

    Happy Investing.

    mail me at [email protected] if you need any more details.

  5. anytime is best time provided u make right decision.ups and down r part and parcel of every market .neither it will remain down forever nor will it keep rising forever.now is the right time for long term INVESTOR not SPECULATOR. select good companies with good working and strong promoters u will surely get more return than ur BANK FD in the long term [ 2or more years] just keep in mind few things:
    1. no overnight magic will happen , buy for long term only
    2. buy good fundamentally strong companies
    3. go for SIP[systematic investment planning] this way u can spread ur risk
    5. BUY when people r selling and SELL when people r buying
    their is nothing guranteed in life but atleast tis way u can minimise the risk
    good luck

  6. surely not the “best” oppurtunity. but one cant find the bottom and buy there. so if u have some ‘excess’ money then u invest 10% now. and remaining u deposit in any bank with flexi deposit. i.e, u can withdraw before the maturity. remaining amount u invest 10% per month or when market further downs.

    but if u invest for 5-10 years u will get good returns

  7. The stock markets are down but not out. Probably all bluechip and index stocks are at present deeply oversold.

    Looking at it from the point of view “buying low and selling high” or from the point of view of simple asset allocation; it would be an opportune time to start investing the financial resources you have allocated towards investing in stocks. This stock purchase allocation of course would be a part or percentage of the total financial resources you have available at present.

    It would only be fair to restrict your stock selection to the Nifty or Sensex stocks; if you would like to have more stocks to choose from then you may add the Nifty junior to the above list. This would give you about a 100 stocks to choose from.

    It is expected that you would check and varify the fundamnetals of the stocks you short list for investment; further it would be useful to check on technical parameters whether these stocks are oversold.

    Caution is advised at all times in the stock market in both its bear phase and bull phase.



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