3 Replies to “Is it ideal to invest in mutual funds for long term in the present low market?Which are the best mutual funds?”

  1. yes. Right now is the best time to buy and hold. Right now the market is at/near the bottom, so there isn’t really any place to go but up. It won’t be going up in huge bounds for quite sometime yet and some companies aren’t going to make it out of this, so long term is certainly the best way to go right now.

    The best mutual funds right now are a boring ones. The ones that don’t shoot out the lights, but don’t lose your shirt either. Look for dividend funds that will pay you a steady amount over the next while as your base, then invest in some of the mid-range risk funds (Empire Life’s Dividend Growth Fund is the one I am recommending most right now to my clients). If you don’t have a large portfolio avoid high risk stuff right now….it’s still too volitile for that stuff.

  2. The Ideal time to invest is when you have a Financial plan and capacity. There no much merit in timing the market. But you if you have luck on your side you can take advantage of the time.
    Again there are no best mutual funds, it all depends what fits the bill.
    Any MF which ensure the achievement of your financial goal with fair amount of risk is good for you.
    So all you have to do is to prepare a financial plan as per your financial goals, see how much risk appetite you have and the take the assistance of an experienced advisor and start building your portfolio.
    Last but not the least set in place a review plan too.
    All the best…

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