Is it good to invest in IDBI.? I want to Invest around 15 Lakhs .?

I am afraid of investing in any private bank . I am not interested in their beautiful offers.
Since IDBI and Andhra Bank are some of leading Public Sector Banks, I wnat to Invest my amount.Please confirm my idea. And also request to suggest any other ways where my money is safe and earns good results and there should not be tax deduction. I am fed up with Govt policies to tax every thing. I cannot pay any taxes.

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  1. You can invest in Post Office Term Deposits and MIS,which has a limit of about Rs 4 lakhs.Visit your nearest Post Office,at the earliest.

  2. Hi
    first come first never take anyone’s advice when it comes to investing in the market simple because the market is volatile and it is difficult to predict it. When it comes to investing and that to such large sum of money it is better you consult some expert because they will help you out in understanding the market.These services are provided by Mansukh and many people have benefited from their services
    Best of luck

  3. Buy flat in the name of your childern or any other member who is not earning member of family and and flat may be given on rent but it should be on lease rent (under agreement). This is safe and you will get income.

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