4 Replies to “is it good time to get out of equity mutual funds/?”

  1. Every time general people tired at last and think equity is not good for them and out of equity. It is not advisable to quit from equity at present you should more invest and hold for more 5 years.

  2. It is always good time to exit mutual funds, since they are extremely expensive. Chenge them for Exchange Traded Funds with similar investing philosophy and you will do much better on the long-term.

  3. Its good decision if you book profits from your mutual fund investments, but best is first is to consider those mutual fund schemes which performed best and given decent or expected return , second thing to consider is to exit from funds which are really bad in performance like infrastructure funds.
    I expect more increase in market levels in coming months till Diwali, so wait till Diwali or do some partial profit booking.

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