5 Replies to “Is it good or not good to invest in Reliance ULIP Plans?”

  1. Understand ULIPs first.

    This is an insurance policy that combines life insurance, with investing in the market. For a pretty hefty set of charges and commissions, it gives you a small life cover and puts the remaining amount into the markets. As these investments in the market perform, the investor gets her returns. Several pension plans, child plans or retirement plans are actually ULIPs, in that they follow the same philosophy of investing money in the markets.

    ULIPs are almost universally bad products for a customer. They have high charges, pay too much commission to the agent from the customer’s first premium (often higher than 50%) and have no transparency in portfolio and performance. A mix of regulatory indifference and unchecked growth of agents in all parts of the country has brought about this sorry state of affairs.

  2. dear heer
    you are not mention which product, reliance money has not ulip product, reliance life has ulip product. If u planning to buy a ULIP. few thing remember your time must be long ( at least 10 year), allocation charges is low ( Reliance primer life has only 6% allocation charge )

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