3 Replies to “Is it easy to start home based recycling business?”

  1. How do you get started? The first step is to decide which area you will focus your attention on. Let us look at some of your choices. You could recycle:

    * Old Newspapers
    * Old Magazines
    * Plastics
    * Tin Cans
    * Soft Drink Bottles
    * Cereal Box Cartons

    Try this link!

  2. Starting a business isn’t hard. Getting it going is the trick. Here’s what you have to do. First figure out how you’re going to market it. Seems like setting up a web page is the best way to go, but checking into alternatives could be useful as well too.

    Here’s an adage. Marketing is everything. Remember that. If you can find a way to market it everything else will fall in line.

    Next you need to line up vendors and people to take care of your recycling. Finally, you have to take care of becoming an official business. You might be able to start it under your own name though. i’m not entirely sure. I don’t know if recycling requires any permits or licenses either. You should check that. Good luck!

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