Is it correct time to buy a propety?

I want to is it good time to purchase a property or I shall wait for some more time?
Property in pune, probably a residential flat. My age is 25 and i am thinking it only for investment.

Is it correct time to buy a propety?
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  1. well you gotta see how the econamy is doing if the houseing econamy is doing bad then no but if it looks like its coming back up then yes but you gotta re search some more

  2. yesi bought 4 on my fifth in less than two years i made 100k in equity on my deals most people are running i go in for the kill

  3. Yes, now is the time to buy Real Estate property. Since many homes have been foreclosed then the rental market is very good. Just be sure you get the lowest interest rate available and allow enough $ $ in case your property does not rent right away or if you need to do some TLC to the property. Add all your expenses so you know how much rent to charge in order to make a profit after everything is paid for including taxes and insurance and put $ $ away for any repairs that will and do need to be done. If you are a landlord then be a great one and fix up the property and maintain it in good condition and you will be able to rent your flat out and keep it rented. Best Wishes and Welcome to The Wonderful World of Real Estate Ownership/

  4. The golden rule when purchasing property is this:

    “Always pay less for the property that what the last person paid”

    You have to look around, but there are always people who are desperate to sell. You can easily find information regarding how much the previous owner paid, but if you follow this little rule you will always be on top.

  5. you are at the right age group, but find the right property, matter of fact you said its going to be an investment, buy vacant land rather a building,in a longer cycle (minimum of 10 years) you may fetch a good return for your valuable investment. don’t ever invest money out of borrowed from bank let your investment be from your savings.

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