One Reply to “Is “IndiaFirst” a joint venture a good investment? What are the risks and advantages?”

  1. to be honest, not a good investment.
    the promoters themselves stated that they would get break even in 2015.
    The India first company did not openly announced any minimum guarantee returns. the performance depends on market forces.
    unlike SBI life , LIC, they have no pure term assurance policies.
    No private player in life insurance except SBI life insurance, made profits and reached break even period.
    it is always better to take insurance policies from LIC of india which has vast net work of agents and prudential management.
    i invested in aviva lie insurance in the year 2006 for rs 90000/- , rs 12000/- pa for seven and half i paid rs 36000/- and when i inquired about the net asset value, i was informed to my dismay that only rs 24000/-.
    LIC gives minimum guarantee and loyalty bonus also.

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