is credit card defaulter would be a problem in travelling to abroad?

hi, i am credit card defaulter from nationalised bank, my credit card limit is 15thousand, i had never paid since one year due to loss of my job and i was hospitalized now it is nearly 30 thousand, i got a job in abroad, by feb i will be leaving, i am afraid whether this credit card defaulter will be apblm in police
clearance report, sure after i go abroad i will clear all the amount

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  1. Your credit card default will show up in the CIBIL report ( At the moment CIBIL is mostly used to grant you loans, credit cards etc and essentially not during your police verifications. However, thats the scenario as of now and might start happening anytime.
    My suggestion is to contact your credit card company and discuss to settle the amount with them since you are travelling abroad. They will give you a good option I am sure i.e. you can negotiate to settle the whole amount due with around Rs 10-12 K.
    Please note that even if you travel abroud, your default in the credit card will remain in your CIBIL report and will catch up with you at some time.

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