5 Replies to “is birla sunlife dream plan good for common man ?”

  1. Insurance is not a means of investment.

    Insurance is purchased for the financial security of your survivors.

    Buy a pure Term Plan.


  2. Hi ,DP is one of the best product which the life insurance industry has now.This is the signature product of BSLI.It will cater most of your longterm financial needs if not all of it.If you are planning to save in this product or suggest this product to some body ,pls wait for 1st week of jan ,as there is a new variant of this getting launched.
    I heard thats going to storm the market.
    Gud luck-Srijith

  3. HMT is right in his answer. To know why and how it is true research some of my answers on Insurance. I have given complete calculations.

  4. Hi
    Birla Sunlife dream plan is a good one. But then you should always go for term insurance. I have reviewed Aegon Religare iTerm Plan – which right now is the cheapest term plan in the market.
    you can see the review here – http://www.finwinonline.com/2009/11/cheapest-life-insurance-plan.html
    and a comparision of term insurance plans of various companiest for 28 year healthy male here – http://www.finwinonline.com/2009/11/comparison-of-term-life-insurance-plans.html

  5. Dream Plan from Birla is a good plan for long term saving and investment.
    The product can be used as term plan or as investment tool.
    the yield to maturity would range from 6% to 10%.
    The problem with term policy is that is that all money is lost if there is no claim. In dream plan you get a GMB guaranteed maturity benefit.
    The idea to have only term plans in the name of insurance is very old fashion as you should not put all eggs in one basket. Insurance as investment is good for long term stable growth. It is not speculative thus the returns are moderate.

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