is Birla Sun life short term fund good?

I got to know it is open ended(liquid) fund which uses money in daily bank transactions. It gets returns on one day basis which is 7-8% and no tax on return. this is benifit over FD. Similar Reliance fund is there in market 'Reliance Liquid Treasury'. please give ur suggestion on this.

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  1. I am working in The Royal Freedom.I have earned Rs.60000 and a bike through The Royal Freedom by investing only Rs.15555.if you also want to work in this company too then.,here are details.There is investment of Rs.15555 in it and then,you will get 12 cheques from it.Go to for seeing the value of cheques.
    You take an insurance policy of Birla Sunlife Insurance of Rs.30000 through this company and you will be given a free joining of Rs.15555 in it.You will get double amount of your investment,i.e.Rs.60000 of Rs.30000 in 5 years through Birla but you will also get 12 cheques from The Royal freedom.If you join it you will be required a sponser no.,then reply me.

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