6 Replies to “Is ATM card a masterCard?”

  1. No. ATM is the acronym for Automated Teller Machine where it dispenses money at your convenience while Master Card is a type of debit or credit card owned by a company.It is also a logo that defines or differentiates from the other debit/credit cards.

  2. No. ATM means Automated Teller Machine. ATM card is associated with the bank, at which you have opened your account. Visa and MasterCard are two payment processing companies. They provide network to banks. So, your bank may be a part of any of them. Sometimes, your bank may have association with both of them. So, your ATM card may be a MasterCard or a Visa card.
    Some other competitors to MasterCard and Visa are American Express and Diner’s Club.

  3. If the card you use in the ATM has a Mastercard logo on it, you can use it where Mastercard is accepted. That does not mean that it is a credit card – the money will still come out of your bank account, just as if you used it at an ATM.

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