Is any bank providing the loan for buying laptops?

Is any bank providing the loan for buying laptops? and If yes means, can you tell the details of the same?

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  1. Hi Pravin,

    I would suggest you network with people who have already spent some time in this field and will be in a good position to guide you for the salary negotiation rounds of interviews. Get in touch with seniors from your B-school to understand the current industry trends and a rough estimate of how much you can command.

    Also, being a fresher puts you in a tricky position as you do not have any work experience to back your skills. However, talk about your academic achievements and also highlight any internship tenure that you undertook. All this will help you present your capabilities and skills better and put you in a position to quote a figure that is just.

    Some websites also have a salary tool that helps you determine your earning potential based on your qualifications and experience. Shine is a job portal that allows you to compare your salary with your peers and also find jobs that match your profile.

    Hope this information was useful. Good luck!

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