is aig tata insurance is believable?

i am an indian before 2 years i joined in aig tata insurance
i paid 11 thousand as yearly due 2 years
in this skim only after 12 years we can get the amount
will it work out

is aig tata insurance is believable?
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8 Replies to “is aig tata insurance is believable?”

  1. I think the best person you should be asking this question is your insurance company – TATA AIG. AIG is a world famous company for insurance and in india it has tied up with the TATAs in the insurance space.

    Don’t worry about the reliability of the company. This is not a small “gully” company”.

    But in terms of the returns on your investment – you have to talk to your agent or call up the help line and ask them the returns and benefits that you get, the coverage amount that you get and other things.

    I guess we have to be more careful and know all about the policy before we enter into one.

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