Is a scanned copy of LIC receipt sufficient?

My LIC Life Insurance agent has sent me a scanned copy of the premium receipt, but it’s been more than a month and she hasn’t given me the hard-copy of the receipts even after more than a month of repeatedly emailing her to give it.
Is just the scanned copy sufficient or should I insist on the hard-copy too?

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  1. If you have faith with your agent then its okk, but if you doubt your agent then in that case you should insist on hard-copy.

  2. dear friend,
    you will require a hard copy it is good if you have a hard copy because in future on a enquiry conducted in the future,you will have a hard proof to produce so try getting them

  3. Hi,
    IF your Insurance Adviser is trust-able person then its ok.
    IF Not then Please visit LIC Office and for premium paid certificate they will provide you.
    Or you can do One more thing register your self in LIC website generate ID Password and take a print out from there.
    And form next time try to pay your Premium by your self.
    If you don’t have time to visit the branch then PAY ONLINE.


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