is 16000 per month good savings n india?

I am from Bangalore, india? i am managing to save 16000 per month for the last 5 years even though i have had only BPO jobs uptil now. Right now i own almost 1000000 of which 600000 are invested in bank FD’s which give simple interest and 240000 is in PPF. I got married 3 months ago and now doubts are coming over me, whether it will be enough if i carry on like this. I have my own house (inherited). Please help me out, this is driving me really crazy.

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  1. Considering petrol prices, price of vegetables, its kind of average.
    It might work for 2-3 years more, but after that trouble might start.

    I would recommend trying so save just a bit more. Stop going out for fancy dinners, have the 50 buck ready to eat stuff, that will save you some money, plus it tastes amazing too!

    If you could save upto 20000 per month, you’ll live a long and happy life.

  2. Saving is never enough what ever you save it always seems less and responsibity more, Try to be satisfied what ever you have otherwise you can not enjoy real pleasure of life

  3. i agree with the second person who answered my question. but on an accounts basis. i earn on an average 25000 ( along with interest from FDs) . Something keeps telling me it is never going to be enogh. So on the other hand i overcompensate and put my wife through hardships just to save more ( currently i am saving 16000/ month) . i see my classmates and they are all leading luxurious lives, it just burns me up.
    Please help me, please tell me whether it will be enough.

  4. Saving is always good, but the world is moving and the way your betterhalfs spending is….try and find alternate income as well…

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