Investment in mutual funds ?

i have been investing in one of mutual fund since 1 year that is sundaram select mid cap.

do i need to continue with it or get rid of that ?.

Investment in mutual funds ?
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  1. Sundaram select mid cap is good fund, you can continue investing in this fund.

    Top 5 Sectors % Net Asset
    As on 29/02/2012
    Financial 12.49
    Engineering 12.06
    Services 11.31
    Chemicals 10.38
    Automobile 7.34

    Returns of this fund
    As on 16 Mar 2012 Fund Category
    Year to Date 16.57 19.06
    1-Month -1.70 -2.36
    3-Month 14.18 16.87
    1-Year 4.19 3.38
    3-Year 42.00 36.18
    5-Year 11.42 9.31
    Return Since Launch 31.88 —
    Returns upto 1 year are absolute and over 1 year are annualised.

  2. Compared to other mid cap funds Sundaram Select mid cap fund has given a good return. If you are a long term investor do not worry about the current market fluctuations. Continue investing through SIPs and review your portfolio once in 6 monthsor a year.

    Have a nice day!

  3. The Track record of Sundaram Select Mid cap is good. You may continue in it. You may withdraw a portion when the market is high and invest in real estate. You may also look for other good performing Mutual Funds such as HDFC Top 200 Growth, Franklin Templeton Blue Chip and others after analysing the performance for last 3/5 y

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