Investment and insurance suggestion?

Last year 13/04/2011 I started a LIC policy jeevan mitra triple by paying 28531 per/year for 7 laces SA with accidental and permanent disability benefits.

Now I am going to stop this policy and left the money I paid to LIC.

I will break 28531 from this year onwards to i term plan (7500 for around 50 laces cover) and will invest 21000 in PPF.

Will it be good decision in term of return and insurance? If possible please explain.
Will it be bad decision in term of return and insurance? If possible please explain.

Also let me know if bonus and final additional bonus is given regularly on this policy as per past

Please do not suggest about MF as I am already investing in that.

Please provide your valuable answers on these points.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Various investment opportunities.

    A number of investment opportunities are available in this world. Actually the various investment opportunities are as according to the kind of people and the finance available with them. For instance some people with extra wealth in lump some has the investment opportunity in different way like buying an expensive item all at once. And similarly people with extra wealth but not in bulk, but able to save extra wealth on monthly basis, the investment opportunity available is different for them like buying on systematic investment basis with monthly or quarterly installments. Some of the various investment opportunities are as under.

    I am giving you some basic idea where you can invest may be you interested in one of them.

    1.Invest in property..

    2. Invest in stocks.

    3. Invest in mutual funds.

    4. Invest in Bank FD. .

    5. Invest in commodities. .

    6. Invest in jewelry. .

    7. Invest in Insurance. .


    In a nutshell, a lot of investments are present in this world. Only the right kind of investment, which suits the pocket of the person, should be made. Also the investment should be in a good and well renowned company, even if the return is a little less. .


  2. In TERM PLAN , there is no MATURITY VALUE , NO BONUS .

    You have made the right decision.

    Invest in PPF before 5th APRIL every year to enjoy maximum tax free interest.

    Now you can invest in May before 5th May.


  3. Hi,
    You took a right decision.
    Please always remember never invest in Endowment policy with any co.
    you want to take a Online term plan good take it.
    but why you want to invest rest amount in debt.
    please don’t invest more then 20% of your total investment in debt.Like (F.D, PPF, R.D. , ETC.)
    Reason is you are young as you mention your premium for term policy.
    Although in Debt instrument PPF is the best one…………….
    So if you want to go with debt option then your choice is good…

  4. Respected sir , first thing i would like to say you that surrender of any policy are always loosing some chunk. Let us see what you will get in your jeevan mitra policy. According your premium and age i think its for a 30 years of term so you will be pay total Rs. 8 , 55, 930. A total of Rs.25,20,000 (estimated) can be expected on maturity through the term of this policy.In this policy your life risk cover will start at Rs.21,35,000. By virtue of bonus getting added every year, your risk cover will grow to Rs.39,20,000 in the year 2040 when your age will be 57. An additional accidental death cover of Rs.7,00,000 is also included. On the other side if have tell about taken a i term plan for 50 laces , its really a smart decision but think before that is it get covered you up to your age of 57 ( like jeevan mitra ) on that price and what is the claim settlement ratio of this company who provided you a cheap i term like that. I think PPF is a good option for safe and tax free investment with smooth return but think about that you can`t invest more than 15 yrs by the way you may utilise this fund in your beloved son education at that time he will be 16 yrs old , it means he passed his secondary education and willing to do graduation. Rest is depend upon you. Have a nice day

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