Investing in the stock market?

Hello there,
I am a new to the stock market and would like to know what i need to do in order to start investing in the stock market online. I would like to know the process and there was also one doubt, is it possible to invest in Mcdonald’s, Coke or any other company which is not india. ?

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  1. Take some time to learn the basics and practice trading to see if you can make any profit before you start though as many beginners lose initially.

    A great way to learn the basics that you can do at times that suit you, is through virtual stock market trading where you can keep track of your trades and analyze them.

    The difference is that you trade as though it were real but any losses are only on paper.

    Keep practicing until you know you can make it work before risking real cash.

    Some of the best virtual stock trading providers even offer prizes in games and competitions to make the experience more interesting and fun.

  2. Yes, you need to open a brokerage account with a US broker. After you fund the account (put money in it) you can trade US stocks.
    Yes, you can trade Mcdonalds, it’s symbol on the US market is MCD.
    Yes, you can trade Coca-Cola, it’s symbol on the US market is KO.

    If you are not investing a lot of money, choose a broker with low commission rates. I use the broker they only charge $.39 per 100 shares traded.

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  4. Dear reader,

    here are the pointers:
    * Age more than 18 years
    * get PAN card
    * Address proof
    * Bank account of own name
    * Submit these & required documents by brokers
    * Once account is open, you can simply place “Buy” or “Sell” orders for stocks.

    Currently trading stocks in other countries is not possible, but you can trade foreign indexes as a form of ETFs.

    anyways, trading or investing in stocks is very hectic.
    You can go for GOLD ETFs, Real Estate/ Land, etc.

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