Investing in FD is better than real estate?

I do have around 14 lakhs saving. which is the better option to put into real estate or in FD. I cant spend more than this as EMI as dotn want to tkae risk if i loose job.

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  1. Investing in FD will fetch you an appreciation to the extent of infatin points some times it is loewr too>but in Real Estate one can get an appreciation of Minimum 20% PA some times it may be 100%—200% also.Investment in Real Estate is a 100% Risk FREE .But while selecting an Asset you have to take care about the Title etc.Any Advocate will help you in this Regard. It is better investment than that of any Investment like Gold, Shares etc.

  2. well real estate is always a better option from return point of view put from risk point fd is better.
    your money will be safe and you will earn a interest of 8 to 10 % on your money but in case of real estate your can earn 15 to 40 % depending upon your area, city , investment size, timing of investment, development of are and country but your principle amount is always at risk in this case.
    If you want a safe investment go for FD you can also divide your investment in two parts and put half of your money in Fd and renaming in some mutual fund this will maximize your return and risk will be low.
    Have a Safe investment
    PS rate of interest on FD mantionted above are rate applicable in India only

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