Interested in becoming the license holder in insurance field?

Think investment in share market and we have the easy option of Insurance Unit linked plans and Mutual funds to grow our money without the best knowledge in trading. Do you want to become the consultant for many of such investors and want to gain the edge of financial knowledge over others?

2 Replies to “Interested in becoming the license holder in insurance field?”

  1. I want to be an mutual fund agent & not Insurance agent (though selling insurance , specially ULIPs pays better).

    A mutual fund agent has lower mis-selling oportunity & I found that almost all mutual fund investors are happy with their earnings.

    On the other hand , ULIPs are totally mis-selled & I found ULIP investor is shocked when he see his fund value after initial charges.

    If I become an Insurance advisor, I will only advice Term insurance (that too, if it is required for that person)

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