4 Replies to “Innovative ways to promote life insurance policies?”

  1. Find lists of people who have recently been released from the hospital. Due to serious injury a persons perception of their mortality is weaked and they will be more open to making the financial commitment.

  2. Since you don’t have time to build the business using traditional methods, I recommend buying Internet leads from a provider such as iLeads.com, at : http://www.ileads.com Internet leads are generated by consumers proactively using the Internet to find solutions to their insurance needs. An internet lead is pre-qualified in the sense that the consumer has already performed a search with a search engine and taken the time to fill out a form, requesting a quote. A good lead provider “scrubs” the lead to make sure the data is valid before it is offered for sale. All of this is done in seconds after the consumer fills out the form. If you can call the leads as soon as you get them, you can buy “shared” leads, which are sold to no more than two other brokers or agents. If you pay a little more, you can have the lead exclusively for a period of time—exclusive from the company that sold it to you. (If the consumer filled out more than one form, then they can be contacted by someone else.) The nice thing about iLeads.com is that they enhance their insurance leads with data from First American Financial, so you will have a better handle on how serious and qualified the lead is and perhaps even be able to prepare a quote before you call. Good luck!

  3. Hi, If you are really want to make more business, then discuss about insurance with everybody you meet and ask for the business. Improve your knowledge about the products you sell and be ready to clarify any doubts to your prospects. Once you get the business from a person or not, ask him to refer his friends,colleagues,relatives etc., and meet them and go on doing this way and you can achieve your goal.

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