2 Replies to “Indian Stock Market would be highly volatile during last quarter of 2010?”

  1. Not necessary. Indian stock market may decline due to adverse govt. policies especially changes in Long term gain tax facility under Direct Tax Code contemplated.
    India has a strong steady economic growth and it would be more forward but for the intervention of government guidelines to tax each and every aspects of opportunities to increase their coffers so that Ministers may stand to benefit with fat allowances, perks, not only for themselves but for theri heirs and kins who take all the advantages not eligible to them.
    At the cost of taxpayers.

  2. are you predicting astrological calculation and down fall in markets or asking views?
    if you are informing ,please put astrological detail at yahoo answer.
    as per me this downfall is possible even in this quarter.
    further what do you mean by volatile last quarter?

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