India – Health Insurance – Does the base premium is fixed for all the years or increases even if not claimed?

In India Health insurance companies coveres pre-existing diseases after 2, 3, 4 years of paying the premiums regularly. 1) I am having bp and sugar. Does my diseases will be covered after 4 years ?? do i have to disclose after 4 years, or at the time when i got a need to admit as in patient. 2) Second doubt, does the base premium is fixed or does it increases based on age slots. Even we not applied for claim kindly advice. thank you

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  1. When you bought the policy , did you have the ailment? If it is yes , then you should have admitted in the proposal. If you have got the ailment after taking the policy – it is fine.

    Premium increases with age unlike life insurance premium. If there is a claim , there will be loading while paying your next premium.

  2. Pre- existing diseases will be checked after application with your personal state ment and medical check up of reqired test as per the age and some assured you selected.
    The condition of the pre-existing can issue depends your medical report/may reject also.
    Once the policy is issued after required test you are eligible to have the facility as per the wording given in policy documents.
    As per the age slot even not claimed, premium is increasing in almost all co”s.None claimbonus will acumilating max 50% as sum assured for long term,.5% to 10% non claim bonous is acumilating as per the co” system.
    In some co”s life time renewal is given such as Apollo munich etc

  3. You have to declare existing diseases and need to undergo medical tests. Base premium increases each year, increment varies from co. to co. I’ve Max Bupa’s health insurance plan and would like to tell you that there is very less increment in premium. You can get more details at

  4. Generally specified percentage of sum assured is keep on increasing every year only if the policy is renewed without any break and that is know n as a cumulative bonus. The Cumulative bonus is an increment in sum assured on account of claim free year by the insured. The bonus will go on accumulating as long as no claim is made by the insured. Therefore base premium increases every year, but increment varies from company to company. I have purchased a health insurance plan ( ) from Future Generali India called Future Generali Health Suraksha. I am pretty satisfied with the offerings which include compound bonus and much more.

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