Income Tax return with different name than on pan card?

I changed my name recently and got it updated on employment records. Thus the form 16 has got my new name on it. However I did not change the name on Pan card (forgot !). In which name should I submit my Income tax return for 2009-10 ?

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  1. Surrender the old card and and get new one. Wait for the new PAN no. than file the return. You can file the return upto 31/03/2011 for A.Y. 2009-10.Visit the official site of the ITD for new PAN http://www.tintin.nsdl.
    Dont use the old PAN no on new name.Enclose an application with the return in this regard.

  2. You can personally take up with NSDL requesting change of name by producing all documents. Now itself you can approch some agents and file the papers according to their instructions. In your case i think only the name is to be changed because pan no. in F.16 cannot be changed now

  3. Apply for a name change in PAN CARD & with your return you may submit your new application for PAN. File your return with the new pan no.

  4. R you applied in gazette and got the name change. Then you apply new pan card with requisition letter & copy of gazette in the correction form (PAN) application. The same PAN with new name you may get.

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