Income Tax filed in Married name but have income in maiden name?

My Pan is in my married name and file a joint Income Tax return with my husband. I now have income from a rental property that is in my maiden name. TDS is deducted in my maiden name and rent deposited into a savings account that is in my maiden name. Both the rental property and Savings Account in in joint name with my father. How do I handle this on my tax return?

Income Tax filed in Married name but have income in maiden name?
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  1. as income earned post marriage is appropriated in maiden ways.

    serious answer is,,,,,, only for yr identification, through parent information remains same. rest of information you can change. no income is filed jointly with father, husband or anyone else unless it is a partenership or association of persons or body of individuals

  2. Clubbing of Income:

    The total income of an individual also includes certain income of other persons. These are:-

    a. Income of spouse from,

    i. remuneration derived from the concern in which the individual is substantially interested unless the remuneration is by virtue of the application of technical or professional skill possessed by him or her;

    ii. assets transferred by the individual to the spouse or to any other person for the benefit of the spouse unless the transfer is for adequate consideration or in consideration of an agreement to live apart.

    Why do you have to club your income with that of your husband? Your husband has not transferred his assets in your name against which you are earning income.

    You can file your ITR in married name as per your PAN card. No proof is required for ‘Income from House Property’.

    Also just change your maiden name in the bank records. That is very simple. TDS certificate will then be issued in your present name.


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