Income from Tuition; Which form is applicable?

If a person has income from following sources:
3)bank/post office interest
Whether he has to fill Form ITR2 or ITR4 for AY 2009-10 in India?
Will income from tuition not be considered as ‘income from profession’? Then it will require form 4.
I think Capital gain income can be shown in any ITR form.

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  1. Income from Tuition is ‘Income from Profession’.

    You become eligible for deductions of expenditures required to carry out your profession. e.g if you have leased a place then you have to pay rent, electric bills, etc.

    You have to file ITR-4.


  2. I have income from Tution fees & Bank FD interest, place is my husband so i am not paying rent and electricity. please tell me in which itr form i will submite?

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