4 Replies to “In witch compnies shaire i invest my money who gave more profit in india. ?”

  1. if you going to open your account in mutual fund then you dont have to worry about companies. different schemes have different types of investment options and they invest your money to many companies to yield the maximum benefits according to schemes. go to them and ask your doubts to them..ok

  2. although Mutual funds are good for whom who are new in this sector. but I suggest you to go for Demate account so that you can buy your share by your own instead of giving portion of your benefit to anyone.

  3. Since you seem to be new to investing in equity (stocks), I think mutual funds are the way to go for you. Also, I would recommend that, to start with, you invest in a large-cap diversified mutual fund like HDFC Top 200 (just an example).

    When selecting a mutual fund look at a) the performance of the fund (as compared to that of other funds in the same class) when the market was trending up, b) the performance when the market was trending down, and if you’re satisfied with a) and b), then check to see whether the fund manager responsible for the good performance of fund in the past, is still managing the fund.

    If you need any clarifications on the above, or have further questions, just add to your original question here.

  4. it’s case where you can not directly say like this stock is good one but yes.
    By the help of good analyst you can know what is good stocks for your investment.

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