3 Replies to “In which mutual fund can I get the best returns?”

  1. Direxion funds. But, you can lose more with some of these funds as well. But, they’re largely leveraged funds, so they give the best opportunity for gains.

  2. I think you should try to search on yahoo for better and more perfect results. But according to me right now the best MF to invest in is SBI MF

  3. As you have just started earning, it would be advisable to be more cautious about your investments. But, as you are young and probably agressive in your thought processes you may think otherwise.

    You may consider putting your money in your bank’s long term fixed deposits; which would have the duel advantages of giving you a higher interest payout and you may also get tax rebates against these investments.

    When you compare the returns from these bank FDs with the mutual funds on a net of tax basis; you would be surprised to observe that the bank FDs would give you a better long term return.

    As you grow older and gain more experience in matters of investment analysis and portfolio management, you may consider other financial instuments including stocks, investment grade mutual funds amongst others.

    While investing, your primary objective would be to reduce the risk or try and eliminate it completely if possible; and to always have a fair margin of safety available to yourself in all your transactions related to your investments.

    Happy investing.



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