In the financial jungle which are the best options for investments?

To add value for savings and for retirement – Mutual funds, directly stock market, ULIP, PPF, Bank FD, NSC, LIC, Infrastructure bonds.
Kindly comment taking all the above instruments in consideration.

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  1. GOI Bonds are the best option to invest it will seem that rate of intrest is really low in these bonds but on actuall basis its 100% tax free and you can invest any amout without being subject to incom tax .

  2. After retirement investing your hard earned money with a guaranteed repayment is a must. So, as now the interest rates for FD’s in Public Sector Banks have gone up and that too for Senior citizens they are offering one percent extra. Investment in FD’s in Nationalised banks is the best bet.
    Secondly, PPF is also secured and you can only withdraw after a fixed time.
    Investing in the stock market in the present trend is not advisable.

  3. Hi Priyanka
    I am working as an LIC insurance Advisor and a mutual fund dealer too
    I would suggest you to go for a balanced portfolio of investments. Instead of pulling the matter and telling you all the story, I am just telling you what I have done for myself. May be, it will help you out as I have planned my portfolio in an intelligible manner

    Rs 100000 was my investment and I put it into

    1. 40000
    LIC-Jeevan Surabhi-SA=500000, Premium=40000 per annum. From this policy, I will be getting Rs 100000 after every 4 years. This 100000 rupees will be invested by me into a single premium ULIP like Money Plus, Market Plus, etc.

    2. 25000
    I invested this amount into mutual funds in a SIP scheme

    3. 10000
    Bank FD

    4. 12000
    Recurring Deposits

    5. Balance
    Shares and PPF

    Hope this helps you out in planning your investments too

    Please do contact me for any further information. i would be very glad to tell you more

  4. First and foremost decide on your investment horizon. Do you want your invested money back in 2 years, 4 years etc, or do you want to save for your retirement (old age). Then calculate how much money you can afford to invest. My advice is that you should keep a cash buffer which should be able to take you through at least 5-6 months in case your income stops suddenly. secondly decide how much risk are you willing to take with your money.
    According to that you should invest.
    If you want your money back in a short period 2-6 years then invest some of it in Mutual Funds and Fixed Deposits. If you want to save for retirement then you can invest in various places like Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, some gold, Insurance etc.

  5. For small investor with limited financial back-up,the best option is On-line Investment.
    The average Return of Investment(R.o.I) is between 10-30% per month.
    There are many type of on-line investments BUT always bear in mind MANY of them are SCAM or “Ponzi”(Terms used by on-line investors for scammer scheme)
    Always check the validity of such programme. Check the background of the company or consult advise from experienced investors.(Check with the authority WILL NOT help,as they will advise you not to get involved in such programme. The reason is the on-line investment provider doesn’t registered their company in other countries other than thier based country)
    If you wish to know more, feel free to contact me.

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