2 Replies to “In saudi arabia bank do not recruit females for middle and high post? Is that true?”

  1. That’s not true; there are lots of women that are working in Saudi Arabia with middle and high post position.

    Hospital is one among them, head nurses or any jobs related to women activities must be have their own gender on top post, even Saudi Aramco, there are lots of women that working with good administrative jobs and task.

    Other companies also hired women as secretary, human resources, translator or any other position, but their priorities are Saudi women first if ever there are that qualified on the job vacancies, expatriates are just second in line if there is nothing to get.


  2. that is not true, the only thing is that they aren’t recruiting enough women. the other gulf countries have women employment to around 30-40% in saudi arabia i think it is 8-15%

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