I’m staying in bangalore and looking for a good way to invest money.?

Please suggest a good and intelligent way to invest money in bangalore other than real estate. what is the good mutual fund and which company offers the highest interest rate for fixed deposit with no risk

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  1. it doesn’t matter whether in bangalore or delhi
    investment opportunities
    share market if you do it cleverly it is much more attractive and profitable
    mutual funds depend upon share markets only instead of your choosing it is they choosing
    their choosing also fails at times eventhough they are experts
    bank deposits now the rbi is liberalising the interest rates wait and see
    govt bonds is the lowest income giver and some say riskless
    there is no dafinite explanation for risk
    so don’t get confused
    in my view govt bonds are also have some risk

  2. Fixed deposits and other similar instruments are unattractive considering the high inflation rate and the tax applicable.

    Do a SIP in a growth fund like HDFC/Reliance/SBI growth fund.

  3. Jothi, nowadays ULIP’s with pension plans are more attractive than MF and ELSS. So my choise is to invest in ULIP where u get along term capital gain as well as insurance cover also it will reduce ur tendency to redeem in short term. You can split ur savings in to 50-30-20 ratio, and invest 50% in ULIP’s 30% in gold and 20% in tax saving MF’s

  4. Well equity as an asset class in the best to create wealth over the long-term and also to beat the inflation index. If you are a novice in equity investing, then adopt the indirect route – i.e. through mutual funds. Remember while selecting a fund please pay due consideration and respect to the investment processes and systems followed by the fund house. Choose a type of equity fund depending upon your age, risk appetite and investment objectives among host of other factors.

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