I’m in Need of Pocket Money. Is Stock Market Possible for Me?

I’m a student. Doing my college. I already do iPhone programming and all. But I’m in need of some serious pocket money. Is the stock market a good candidate?

I know the stock market terminology and other stuff since my dad is an investor. Pls tell me how to start a part-time career doing this..

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  1. If you have no idea how to start, you are not in position to invest. And if you have no pocket money, then where do you plan on getting the money to invest (most accounts require $500 minimum to open). Also, stock market investing at the $500 is not conducive to day trading which is how you would get a constant money flow – the fees would eat you up.

    Start to learn by heading to the library and getting a few books on basic stock market structure and investing. Then move up to stock analysis.

    Remember, never invest money you can’t afford to lose as there is always a chance to lose it all.

  2. Its highly risky… the markets are too volatile these days…
    however its worth taking the risk if you have Rs 5000 or more and a PAN card and Demat account + Trading account + Bank account.

  3. dude stock market is just lyk gambling
    so pls dont ask such questions………….u may loose everything u have & u may even win more than what u have invested……….its gambling nothing else

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