6 Replies to “if there is an account of my son when can i invest in his ppf?”

  1. Yes. Once you get his PAN card, you can invest.He will be minor and you will be in charge of his PPF account.
    But mind you. Ideally you can invest maximum 70,000 per year in your and your kids account in total.
    Means its illegal to invest 70000 each in your and your son’s PPF account.
    Hope this solves your query.

  2. PPF is the best investment in india but there is some limitation for investment but you have a good chance to invest if you take benefit of all member of your family

  3. No you can not invest in his PPF if he is a minor. Its not legally possible. For more information, you can visit to my blog. I m giving the link in source section

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