4 Replies to “If property add given by brokers How i can avoid the brokers while buying the properity?”

  1. Sorry, but brokers don’t make “the rate high.”

    If you want to avoid brokers, then buy directly from the owner. Look for FSBOs (for sale by owner). However, that’s no guarantee that the price will be any less. In fact, many FSBOs choose that route because they want (or need) to get as much as possible, and many tend to overprice their properties.

    Brokers actually help keep prices down, in many cases. That’s because they tell the seller what their property is actually worth in today’s market, not what the seller would like it to be, and not what it might have been worth a couple of years ago.

    Even if you do decide to buy directly from a seller, have some plan in place to determine the true value of the property so that you aren’t overpaying.

  2. I disagree that Brokers are making rates high. In fact most Brokers-have dramatically cut their commissions due to the Housing crunch. They are trying to make a living and provide many valuable services to make buying and selling easier. It is not only unethical to try to circumvent a Broker that is holding a listing—it would be a breach of the sellers contract in most cases. Your only options are buying from owners that aren’t using Brokers

  3. brokers charge only the commission on the value of sale.

    you have come to know the property only through the broker. you meet the seller directly through the broker. negotiate your price directly. if the deal is through, you can pay the brokerage.

  4. You can’t. The seller has signed a listing agreement with the Realtor and even if you were to go direct to the seller, the Realtor still gets his commission. The seller pays the commission and not the buyer. Many buyers mistakenly think a home is priced at $ X, then the commission is added. Not true. The market price includes the commisson. Retain a Realtor that represents buyer. A buyer’s agent is still paid by the seller through the listing agent. Plus a buyer’s agent will provide you with a CMA – competative market analysis which will show you the price of comparable homes.


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