3 Replies to “If mutual fund co. claims to give 8% expted returns for 3 months , then how much returns r expected aftr 3mon?”

  1. Stay away from any fund that guarantees a return (and only for a 3 month period, yet). Don’t listen, no matter how fanciful the pitch they offer you. The market doesn’t work that way.

  2. It’s an expected return, as in you have an inherent risk component(systemic risk-market risk), the fund may return 20% or -20% in that 3 months. It’s basically a best estimate based on historical 3 month returns.

  3. No Mutual Fund can gurrantee you a fixed return. It is against Sebi regulations. If some Mutual Fund is offering u 8% gurrantted return, please take it from them in writing and if they dont keep their word, sue them in the court of law ( consumer courts )

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