4 Replies to “If invest in tax saving Mutual Funds throiugh SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), When can we sell the units?”

  1. Each unit is locked for 3 years. Like if your first purchase is in oct 2007, you can sell in oct 2010. Next SIP in Nov so sell in Nov 2010.

    HDFC Taxsaver & SBI Megnum Taxgain & Principle Taxsaver are best rated Tax saving MFs

  2. All the tax saving funds have a lock-in period of 3 years

    if you bought units in this month that is, 5-10-2007 you can sell it on 5-10-2010.

    you can choose tax saving schemes in all the funds SBI, ICICI, fidelity, birla, tata, etc

  3. Tax saving mutual funds have a lock in period of three years. That means you can sell the units after three years form the date of purchase. But in the case of SIP you cannot sell all units at one go. Instead you will have to sell through SWP ( Systematic Withdrawl Plan )

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