9 Replies to “If I take PAN card is it necessary to file IT returns every year even if I do not have Taxable income?”

  1. The criteria is not whether you have taxable income or not. The criteria for filing returns is defined by the Govt as to who are the people who have to file returns:
    1) Persons having an immovable property (house, building etc,.)
    2) Persons have a telephone connection in their name
    There are some more conditions.

    So, if you meet any of those conditions then you have to file a return, whether you have taxable income or not.

  2. With PAN CARD ur task becomes easy. U get an identity and ur IT returns details are easily available. Except otherwise there is no change in the process.

  3. If you do not have the taxable income, then there is no need to file. Even if you want to file your non taxable income the officials just neglect it. So don’t take unnecessary strain.The reason is the IT Dept. has a link with all the Banks and so your income and financial transactions are being monitored to check your income. So there is no necessity to file the IT.

  4. If u applied & got the Pan Card then it is compulsory to file a return eventhough u not having a taxable income.

    It is advised to that is if u not having the taxable income then no need to apply for PAN.
    If u r doing business then u apply for pan & early submit the return as NIL Income

  5. No, it is not necessary at all to file an I.T. return just for having a PAN card if you do not have a taxable income. Go to bank and ask them that you want to deposit Rs.50,000/- (or more) in your account (even savings A/c), their next demand would be your PAN number, ask your bank to open a PPF A/c and you will be asked for your PAN number, want to open a DEMAT A/c? And again it is required even if your income is not taxable. I hope this obviously explains my opinion.

  6. Section 139 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 gives the requirements for filing returns which are as follows:

    1. Companies and partnership firms -All irrespective of income
    2. Any other person(including individuals) only if he/she has total income above the minimum that is taxable.

    From financial year 2005-2006 onwards your total income is the amount before you take deductions under chapter VIA of the Income-tax Act. eg your income is 1,50,000 and you deposited 60,000 in PPF, then though your taxable income is 90,000 which is below the taxable limit of 1,00,000, you still have to file return because your income before taking deduction under chapter VIA is above 1,00,000.

    Coming back to your question, if you take a PAN card, it is not necessary to file IT returns if you are not required to as per section 139 which I have mentioned above.

    Just take care that your income before deductions should be below the minimum taxable limit.

  7. dear srini,
    if u have a PAN card, the govt have proof that you are earning. even if your salary is not taxable, you need to file the returns every year. someone in the answer list has said that you dnt need to. dnt believe that. filing a income tax return and paying income tax is two different things. file your returns regularly and you can enjoy peace of mind. and mind you, filing returns are much more simpler these days.

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