2 Replies to “If i start investing now, how much can i save for my 6 year old son’s education?”

  1. Do you know where you wnated to invest ?

    3)MF – eq diversified , Balanced , MIP , debt
    4) Normal LIC
    5) MIS

    For how many yrs and monthly installment ?

    I assume it for 10 yrs as 6 + 10 yrs will be your son’s age

    You select

    1) one equity diversified -HDFC equity (G)
    2) one HDFC prud balanace(G)
    3) Rel growth fund(G)

    PUt 1000 each month in each one for 10 yrs. IT should be okay..

    For 10 yrs , you get 6.67 laks at 12% rate of interest.
    at 15% , you get —7.8 laks

    We should not calculate more than 12 % for MF as, it destroys the goal..

    For more money , put more investment and select longer horizon..

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