4 Replies to “if i invest 1000rs in mutual fund in realiance then what would be my profit.?”

  1. It depends on what kind of securities the mutual fund holds. Mutual funds are professionally managed portfolios of different types of securities like stocks, bonds, money-market instruments, and commodities. Some mutual funds will be very risky and might fluctuate a lot meaning you could stand to gain or lose a lot. Other mutual funds invest in just money market instruments and will only go up in value but they will not go up very much compared to more risky investments.

    Talk to a bank manager and find the a mutual fund that’s diversified and one that has the right amount of risk for you. Generally, the younger you are the more risk you you can safely handle as you have more time to recoup any losses.

  2. I think since you are dealing in the market nothing can be predicted because markets are volatile in nature. It is always better to consult experts before taking any investment decision. Experts like Mansukh, religare, india bulls and even sharekhan will help you in properly understanding the market and then taking the best decision. If you have any query related to your investment decision, then it is better you drop your query on the Facebook page of Mansukh and I am sure that there experts will definitely help you out with their suggestions.
    Best of luck

  3. You are very optimistic. How are you so sure that investment in realiance mutual fund will result in profit?

    For an investor in equity markets, that is a wrong question to ask.

    It seems you understand very little about investments.


  4. Your profit is depends upon fund managers performance of the particular mutual fund scheme thus your profit can not be estimated

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