3 Replies to “If I invest 100000 yearly in LIC Pension plan how much pension i will get Monthly?”

  1. If you invest Rs 100000/- (Rs 1 Lac) for 25 years in any pension plan, I am assuming that over these long period you will be able to get 12% average rate of return. So at the end of 25 years when you are 60 years old, you will have a kitty of Rs 1,33,33,387/- (Rs 1 crore 33 lacs 33 thousand 3 hundred and 87).

    At that time if you invest this amount in any annuity product for thirty years (which I am assuming you will survive) and also assuming that the prevalent rate of return is 8% then, you will receive an amount of Rs 11,84,370/- annually for next 30 years or a monthly pension of Rs 98,698/- per month.

    These calculations are based on assumptions as stated. I hope you will benefit from this.

  2. AVOID policies from insurance. Insurance is not investment. Instead invest Rs 50,000 in PPF with State Bank and Rs 50,000 in mutual funds via SIP. You will get more than double the pension.

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