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  1. Yes the criteria for credit is based on your history of making sufficient repayments over the last two years or so. If you have paid any debt late, this will reduce your credit score. Over paying, paying up on time does not necessarily increase your score but it will keep it good.

    Provided that you have not been bankrupt of have any IVAs over the last six years then you should not have a problem getting credit from another source.

    Being Employed and earning enough to repay any bills you have also makes a difference.

  2. I suppose you could but if you ran up 47000.00 you could not pay and settled it by paying way less you wouldn’t get another card from me. Why would you even want to put yourself back in that situation? Why would a bank want to put themselves in that situation? I would recommend you operate without credit for awhile and just use your check card, it works like a credit card but you have to have the money to use it and you do not have to pay anyone back.