3 Replies to “If I have forgotten how much and where I have invested in Mutuals Funds how can I track my investments ?”

  1. Yes you can if you remember in which fund house you have invested than call there customer care no. give your personal details like mobile no registered with them and your bank account registered with them ask them to send your statement at your address.
    You will get all your details with your bank account and mobile no.

  2. Go to “www.camsonline.com”, select “Online service for investors”, select “Mail back services” select “Consolidated active statement” give your email id which is given in Mutual Fund application, select AMC and give new password and confirm password. Now you will receive your account statement in your mailbox.

  3. You can contact your broker through whom you had invested the money. They can give you the details of the past transactions. If you had registered your email address with service providers like CAMS, then you can also request a statement, which will provide all the details of your past investments.

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