4 Replies to “If I have a debit card and i want to buy something online and it asks for a credit card…?”

  1. Most debit cards can be used under the credit option. It will take the money directly from the bank account as it’s not actually a credit card and using the credit option on a debit card is just like using the debit option. You’re safe to use it, trust me. Just be sure you have money in the account because it’s not a credit card and therefore is not based on credit.

  2. The whole point of having a debit card is that you use it like a credit card, but it takes the money from your bank account.

    You never ever want to use your card like a debit card. Whenever you are asked “debit or credit,” always always say credit. Never use your PIN to make a purchase. Using your PIN leaves you more open for identity theft.

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