5 Replies to “If I deposit 3 Lakh in LIC lump sum Pension plan,how much will I get monthly ?”

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  2. I suppose you were not explained about the policy, If you have opted for a deffered pension plan, your money will be invested in equity market/bonds depending on the policy & on completion of term, you will be asked to take annuity from that amount. Then you can decide about the term (lifetime/fixed) though the amount you receive will depend on the option choosen.

  3. it is not a good option as the funds are either invested in high risk bearing equity or non attractive bond funds. after deducting the charges your return will be 1750 or something like that as some one cleared above. keep it in a bank fixed deposit account now. you will get 2750 per month as long as you deposit.If you do not want the interest amount now then you can reinvest it in a recurring deposit or want to do something with the equity market you can invest in an SIP. Your deposit amount will be in the bank as long as you wish and you need not pay any service, allocation,administration charges to the bank for this.

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