4 Replies to “if i deposit 2 lacs in nsc what will i get after 6 yrs?”

  1. If you have 5-6 years time than you can easily invest in mutual fund. You can start doing SIP (systamatically Investment Plan). You can do SIP of Rs.3000/month in 4 schemes.

    I suggest
    Reliance Regular Saving Fund Growth
    HDFC Top 200 Fund
    Reliance Growth Fund
    DSP BlackRock TIGER Fund

    do SIP in all the four funds you will get best returns.

    If you are looking for safe investment or if you want to invest direct in share market than visit below mentioned websites for safe investment schemes in details.

  2. National Savings Certificates (NSC)
    Scheme specially designed for Government employees, Businessmen and other salaried classes who are IT assesses.

    No maximum limit for investment.

    No tax deduction at source.

    Certificates can be kept as collateral security to get loan from banks.

    Investment up to Rs. 1,00,000/- per annum qualifies for IT Rebate under section 80C of IT Act.

    Trust and HUF cannot invest.

    PPF – A good way of saving for your old age.

    Buy National Savings Certificates (NSC) & Kisan Vikas Patras (KVP) every month for six years – Reinvest on maturity and relax – On retirement it will fetch you monthly pension as the NSC/KVP matures.

    8% Interest compounded six monthly but payable at maturity. Rs. 100/- grows to Rs 160.10 after 6 years.
    Minimum Rs. 100/- No maximum limit available in denominations of Rs. 100/-, 500/-, 1000/-, 5000/- & Rs. 10,000/-.
    A single holder type certificate can be purchased by an adult for himself or on behalf of a minor or to a minor. Deposits quality for tax rebate under Sec. 80C of IT Act.

    The interest accruing annually but deemed to be reinvested will also qualify for deduction under Section 80C of IT Act.

    You can also try as advised by ckvankar regarding mutual fund. These are also very good schemes but with some risk.

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