3 Replies to “if i buy 500 shares @ 100/share.then what will be the brokerage in HDFC SECURITIES,ICICIDIRECT,5PAISA,RELIGARE?”

  1. If you had bought 500 shares at 100 Rs
    The Total would be 500*100=50000
    Now as per your question they are charging you 5paise
    your brokerage calculation will be 50000*0.05%=25Rs.
    So for Intrday you will be paying 25rs for Buying & 25rs for selling the shares.
    Note; The STT charges, Sebi Tax, Service Tax will be different.

  2. HDFC SECURITIES,ICICIDIRECT,brokerage & charges will be in between 300/- to 500/-
    5PAISA ,RELIGARE brokerage will be in between 200/- to 400/-
    other reputated broker charge 100/- brokerage and other charges about 100/-
    i pay to my broker total 100/-
    these brokerage are on delivery.for intraday both selling and purchasing are one fifth of above amount.

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