If i am paying tax on every item I bye or consume, why should I pay additional income tax?

I am paying sale tax, road tax, entertainment tax etc then why is govt. forcing us to pay Toll tax, income tax etc. It is same as paying twice for same thing. Is it not the duty of govt. to make the roads, and bridges etc. And if govt is taking income tax from us then why should we pay various tax on every purchase or consumable we take.In the end of year a middle class man is left with nothing, only empty handed.

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  1. You have to go in depth fro better understanding :

    1. i am paying tax on every item I bye or consume : these are the consumer tax which you use for yourself. but have you ever think about the services from government you get free e.g. police, Block office, post office, municipality and many more.

    2. you pay the service tax in form of Income tax. your income tax goes to government which uses in many forms like paying salary, constructing road, elections, providing something free to poor and many more which announced by government. the income taxes are used for such means.

  2. Spreading out taxes over various categories is one way to fairly allocate the tax burden to those who
    benefit more, especially those who may be able to afford it more. Examples:
    –sales tax: Only those who partake would be paying this tax. Risk is that some people have no choice and have to pay the tax but can little afford it. Some governments, such as the USA, provide tax refunds to low-income taxpayers, to offset this burden.
    –road tax: Roads are usually a benefit to everyone, allowing commerce, easy traveling, emergency vehicles, etc., so road taxes should be paid by everyone. In some cases, this is part of the motor vehicle tax, as it is in the USA, so those who benefit most, vehicle owners, pay more.
    –entertainment tax: Only those who partake would be paying this tax.
    –toll tax: for those who choose to use the toll bridge or toll road; risk is that some people may not have much of a choice about using it or not.

    Q: Is it not the duty of govt. to make the roads, and bridges etc
    A: Yes. But for areas where people do not always make the same use of the roads, the people should not be burdened with paying a road tax or bridge tax. Toll roads and toll bridges helps to limit the cost to those who actually use them/benefit.

    The income tax is paid by most people with incomes. This tax revenue should support the bulk of the government infrastructure, government buildings, workers, health and safety workers (police, fire, emergency resposne), projects, parks, lights, perhaps schools, safety inspections, international business regulations, etc.

    In the USA, the “luxury tax” is a higher sales tax that is imposed on luxury goods. This would include very expensive jewelry, fancy cars and boats, etc. This helps to spread out the burden of taxes to those who can, and do, choose to buy high-end luxuries.

    In the end, you are not paying twice for the same thing, you are paying an average share of general taxes, plus your share of specific taxes when you purchase entertainment, goods, drive over a toll road, etc.

    Good question!

  3. You pay income tax for the salary you have earned .Where as taxes on other items are for their services we have utilized. If you are unwilling , middle east is the place for you where there are no taxes.

  4. Middle class are the ones who suffer most, particularly in country like India where middle class have to pay more tax than any other country

  5. Government runs on the basis of collection of various taxes and spending the amount of various welfare projects ! There are various types of taxes that a Government imposes on people.
    The Tax you pay on your Income is based on the Income you derive out of your job, investment etc., People below certain income level do not pay any Income Tax. But when someone buys something, they pay income tax, when someone watches a Movie in a theatre they pay entertainment tax and the like. As a responsible citizen of the country it is our duty to pay such taxes so that Government can run and help to build roads, bridges and give medical facilities to the deserving .

  6. Income tax is levied only on persons who have income above the basic exemption limit. Thus it is not payable by all .Where- as sales tax , road tax and entertainment tax are state levies, income tax is levied by the Central Government and the states get a fair share of the income tax collections. The share falling to the centre is utilised on developmental programmes which fall within its jurisdiction.

  7. My friend you bring up your daughter, pay for her education, fulfill all her dreams…

    And again when you plan for her marriage, you keep your kitty ready…

    Y do you do that…
    Same way is income tax

    At every step of life you have to keep paying to the government to fill their empty stomach.

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