if bank misplaced the conveyance deed against which they have given the home loan, then what shuld I Do?

I have taken home loan from one bank and now i want to foreclose that loan and transfer the balance to an other bank but previous bank say that he has misplaced my conveyance deed against which he given me the said loan.
1- Then what can I do with that bank.
2- How can I retrieve my conveyance deed as original.
This happened in India So Pls. reply according the Law of India.

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  1. Well, now technically since they don’t have the deed to the house they don’t own the house, so your making mortgage payments to people who don’t even own the house, if you took it to court you could probably win and get your house for very little if anything at all because you signed a contract to get the deed to the house in exchange for money in so many years, and now they don’t have their end of the deal and your making payments so it’s a violated contract, if i’m understanding your situation correctly.

  2. The government records should show ownership of the property for tax purposes. If you are in the US that would be the county tax office. They should have a recorded copy of the deed and any liens.

  3. You can simply file a complaint against the bank for it is their responsibilities to take care of those kind of documents, for the copy of deed of conveyance you can request a new one I know theres a copy for it for you are paying your property tax