5 Replies to “Idont want to pay tax ritenow because i am very ordnery parson I have to purchaise Car or home Like VIP help?”

  1. If you are an ordinary person or a VIP with less than taxable income, then you need not pay any taxes. Even if you buy a car or home, if you have no taxable income, then you need bother about taxes.

    Tax free income form this financial year:(1.4.2007 to 31.3.08)

    For Male (<65 years) = Rs.1,10,000
    For Female (<65 years) = Rs.1,45,000
    For Seniour citizen (Male or female) > 1,95,000

  2. My best wishes for you.

    Paying taxes or filing income tax returns enhances your creditworthiness in the eyes of lending institutions. So you must go on increasing yours taxable income and pay the due taxes which are very meager in comparison with your income.

    If you want to save on taxes, save legitimately as provided in the income tax act.

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